Poor Pacer, was left for dead back in 1987.  My Dad rescued it on March 21, 2005.



As it is today.  As you can tell, it is much happier now.  It looks blue in this picture for some reason.



My Dad built this 1995 4.0L H.O. Jeep engine, and he made it a 4.5L by installing a 1985 AMC Jeep 258 crankshaft and connecting rods.  Yes, it is a Jeep engine, but Chrysler bought AMC, they didn't design the original engine.. but they did make it better.   It runs great.

Dad said the neatest thing about the swap was that the original 1976 Pacer motor mount brackets bolted right up to the 1995 Jeep engine.    


Here I am removing the chain my Dad used to place the engine on the dollies.  That is a GM 700R4 overdrive. My Dad designed a custom adapter so it would fit.



Here I am pulling wires for the subwoofers.



I insulated the inside of the car with Reflectix to help the A/C cool better, and it did.



From September 20, 2006 to April 15, 2007.  What a difference 7 months makes!